CREATED BY: Kevin Connelly & Sharon English 

GENRE: Animated pulp-fiction w. adult humour and soundtrack

FORMAT: 7 X 11 minute shorts

Six wealthy industrialists from the 40's teleport themselves into the future using Tesla technology. From there, they form Mercuretto Corp. and proceed to purchase Atlantic Records...


Circa 1943: Heiress Twinkle Gainsworthy, who routinely consults her Tarot Card reader, was one fateful day handed an urgent message from beyond: tomorrow’s humanity, the unborn, will fight and fail under the yoke of the money benders. Alarmed, Twinkle had tea with her dear old friend George Orwell and, after earnest discussion, concluded that this prophesy is likely to come true.


Relaying this dire news to her husband, Kevin ‘Finnegan’s Oil’ Connelly, Twinkle pleaded with (commanded) him to assemble a team of like-minded individuals to make a crucial leap into the future. Their purpose: to buy / win back the world from the uber-rich, globalist scum and return it to humanity before it’s too late. Truly, “The 1% versus the 1%” (a love story).


Finn sent an encrypted wire to his most trusted friends and business allies: “Urgent meeting required. Must save the world. Please bring a change of clothes, this could take a while.” After some initial skepticism, “The Final 6” assembled.


Placing their vast fortunes into trust (to be collected 75 years later), and erstwhile collaborating with the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, tally ho, these six wealthy industrialists from the 40's teleported themselves into the 21st century using a plane equipped with his two-way, time travel technology. (Nikola and Twinkle attended university together; he being a doe-eyed-nerd and slave to her charm and beauty, he couldn’t say no to her request).

As the series opens, the team has just arrived in 2018. Needing a cover story, our heroes form Mercuretto Corp and accidentally purchase Atlantic Records. Drawing on their motley talents and training, they decide to pose as ‘modern’ musicians to the general public.


However, their arrival has been detected by the evil Mr. Aye, gatekeeper for the Global Elites. Through the same advanced Tesla technology, refined over 75 years, the temporal disturbance of Mercuretto’s flight into the future has been detected by the ‘Aye in the Sky’ Satellite System (ASSS). And from here begins the dance as to who determines humanity’s future.   MORE


Kevin “Finnegan’s Oil” Connelly  MORE


Sasch “The Bash” Tukatsch (Too-cash)  MORE

Tanya “Brass Balls” Godinho (Referred to as B.B)  MORE

Johnny “The Nose” James  MORE

Robert “Longshanks” Cooper  MORE

Charles “Saint” Brown  MORE